Market, Token Distribution, Funding, and Governance 
All In One Consensus-based Protocol

Decentralized, leaderless, and scam-resistant Incentivized Token Organizations (ITOs)
where anyone can buy or sell, contribute, and earn rewards via consensus. 

With 0 fees
(*except gas)

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Choose from a variety of Incentivized Token Organizations (ITOs) and subscribe to them, receiving their token distributions every pay period.


Crypto projects, devs, and anyone with ERC20 tokens compete to earn ETH rewards every period by adding tokens to, or fulfilling the needs of, an ITO.


In just moments you can create an ITO for any purpose at all. Watch your incentives-powered DAO grow organically as others compete for all kinds of rewards.

Subscribe to an ITO and Receive Every Token, Every Period

Buy Tokens

Send ETH to the ITO contract to subscribe to the ITO and receive its native tokens back automatically, in the same transaction. Your subscription renews automatically every period for as long as you hold tokens; and

Receive Tokens

As a subscriber you will receive a share of tokens that producers have added to the ITO. Your share is equal to the percentage of the circulating ITO token supply you hold. Just send 0.00000001 ETH to the ITO at the end of a period to approve it and receive your reward automatically.

Vote on Producers (optional)

Vote on any tokens added to the ITO by producers by sending any number of ITO tokens to the address of the token you're voting for. Your vote will increase the weight of the producer's ETH reward, incentivizing them to add more value to the ITO.

Or Become an ITO Producer and Earn Rewards

Sell Your Tokens By Consensus

You can 'sell' any ITO or ERC20 tokens you have by adding them to another ITO ('producing'). Your percentage of the current period's ETH reward pie is based on how much your token was voted on by subscribers during the period.

Contribute to the ITO

If you are a developer or crypto project and want to contribute to an ITO, just add your tokens to it and let its community know about the value you added. You'll be rewarded with a share of the period's ETH distribution based on the percentage of total votes your contribution received during the period.

Claim Rewards

The more a producer's contribution is voted on in comparison to other producers during the period the more rewards they will be scheduled to receive. Their position can change at any time during the period, depending upon the fluctuating positions of other producers as their contributions are voted upon.

Create Your Own Incentivized Token Organization

Organize around any idea, whitepaper, a need, business model, or port any entity over. 
Watch it grow organically as both sides compete for a slice of its rewards every period.


Form a Community

If you're ready to start your ITO, create an announcement [coming in 2021]


Set Your Parameters

Choose the settings of the ITO, such as name, symbol, price type, total supply, minimum subscribe value, refundability, and more. Pay periods can be set to daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even every few hours.

An ITO's price is always either a multiple of the number of previous transactions where the token was obtained — plus one — and its starting price OR a static price, pegged to ETH.


Lose Control

After the ITO is initialized and ready to go, its creator has the same authority as anyone else (other than transferring ownership to the Ethereum genesis address). An ITO is designed to be truly decentralized.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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